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Our founders saw firsthand just how much impact a bottle of wine can have. They began hosting wine tastings to raise money for important causes and encouraged and inspired others to do the same. Today, ONEHOPE is one of the largest direct-to-consumer wineries in the world and has proudly donated over $8 million to local and global causes.

Being a purpose-driven brand starts with the people behind it. Our teams dedicate themselves not only to giving back, but also to helping empower Cause Entrepreneurs to build their businesses and support causes close to their hearts.

The ONEHOPE Foundation gives to organizations that provide greater access to water, hunger relief, health, and education – while also supporting local non-profits across the country.

Over $8 Million Donated

Our mission is to share wine and give hope, which fulfills our purpose to nourish the future. We do this by giving to organizations that provide access to clean water, hunger relief, health research, and education. In addition, we proudly empower our Community to support local nonprofits that matte most to them.

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